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One of the central events is the county festival of "Charming Living" which last for three days each year. Only a festive motto changes every year, for example, in 2017 it was "100 years in Kandava", but in 2018 "With the Power of Oak”.

On the last Saturday of October 2010, Coffee and Tea Festival was held for the first time in Kandava. And the coffee was made not from the usual coffee beans, but from what our great-grandmothers knew- from acorns. Acorns are gathered here in the Abava ancient valley and ground right here in Kandava Museum. The participation and interest from local people and guests was significant, and so this holiday has become an annual tradition.
Since 2013 the third week of July is the week for Kandava Art Plenary, where participate both professional artists and art lovers in order to spend a week together in a creative and productive way. The author and organizer of the Plenary is the artist, ceramicist Linda Romanovska.

Cultural institutions in the county

6 Houses of Culture
-Kandava House of Culture
-Matkule House of Culture
-Valdeķu House of Culture
-Vāne House of Culture
-Zante House of Culture
-Zemīte Folks House

7 Libraries
-Kandava City Library 
-Kandava Parish Library 
-Cēre Parish Library
-Matkule Parish Library 
-Vāne Parish Library
-Zante Parish Library 
-Zemīte library

1 Tourist Information Centre

6 Open air stages

Open- Air Stage "Ozolāji" – The stage is located on the natural slopes of the Riebiņu Hill, just like the amphitheater. It is surrounded by ancient oak trees. In summer concerts, shows, festivals and open-air dance take place there. The park of frienship with the stage was built in 1958 with 1800 seats. In 2015, the new stage was opened during the Kandava county festival with the play of showing director Z.Začeste - the musical mystery "Belonging", whose author is the well-known poetess from Kandava Maija Laukmane, the author of the mucic is Janis Lūsēns.

-Cēre Open-air stage
-Matkule Open-air stage
-Vāne Open-air stage
-Zante Open-air stage
-Zemīte Open-air stage

1 Museum - Kandava Regional museum
Kandava regional Museum was founded in 1995, thanks to the initiative of the historian and teacher of Kandava Secondary Boarding School Viktor Vītols and his collected materials. The building of the museum was constructed in 1887 as the Hospital of deaconess. From 1921 to 1939 the building was a German school. From 50ties in the 20th century a state bank department of the Soviet Union has been there for more than 40 years. The Bank's cash deposit box is a unique exhibit at the museum and it is possible to look at it. The museum displays permanent exhibitions "With a horse to Kandava market", "Memorial room", "The red corner", "If I had that money", "Kandava vicinity cinema stories", as well as the model (2x2 m) of the Old Town of Kandava from the middle of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century- digital exposition of the history of the Old Town. The model can be transformed to show different times – 16thcentury, the middle of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. If you contact the museum in advance, you can taste an acorn coffee and play the board game '' Strenght from acorns''. In the premises there are Kandava Art Gallery, the Craftsman Society "Hope Chest", Kandava Regional Politically Repressed Society and union “Kandava Partnership”.

4 Small museums and collections
- General Ludvigs Bolšteins Memorial Museum. Pūces Watermill
- Zante Volunteer Firefighting Society Museum
- Museum of Kurzemes Cietoksnis (Kurzeme Fortress) in Zante
- Local community of Vāne “Depository of Ancient Things”

2 Art galleries
-Gallery of art «Vējspārns»
- Kandava art gallery

1 Craft Centre


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