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The parish of Kandava is one of the central administrative territories of the county of Kandava. It is bordering with the parishes of Cēre, Zemīte, Vāne, Matkule, Abava, Virbas, Strazde, Pūre and Jaunsāti. The center of the Kandava parish is in the city of Kandava, which also, serves as the center of a whole county.

The parish is crossed by the beautiful river – Abava.

Territory: 167.68 km2

Population: 1378

Parish consists Culture House and a library.

The biggest inhabited places in the parish are Kandavas stacija, Aizdzire, Rūmene, Mazrūmene, Mustene, Kalnmuiža, Līgciems and Līgas dzirnavas.

One of the most known places in the parish is a farmstead and country house “Indāni”, which gives the visitors an opportunity to learn about the farm animals and ancient agricultural instruments.

Culture: all the national festivals and sports events are commonly commemorated and celebrated. Significant is the Summer Solstice celebration, where all the local amateur collectives participate with their performances.

Amateur collectives: vocal ensemble “DoReMi”, senior dance group “Kandavnieks”, dance group for young people “Imuliņa”, middle generation dance group Ozolāji“”


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