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The parish of Cēre is one of the northern administrative territories of the Kandava County. Total area of the parish is 47,624 km2, and it is bordering with the parishes of Kandava, Strazde, Balgale, Zentene and Pūre.

Population: 532 (data from 31.01.2018).

Parish includes the primary school of Cēre, sports hall, library, feldsher point, post office and a shop LLC Vītoli AMI.

There are farms and backyard farms in the parish, the main employment – agriculture and farming, one dairy farm and one tourism farm.

In the centre of Cēre there is a protected dendrological plantation “Cēre Park” (3,9 hectares), but near the houses of “Vīnkalni” plantation of Mulberry can be found.

Culture: all the national and traditional festivals, parish and sports events are commonly commemorated and celebrated.

Amateur collectives: amateur theater “Saime”, female vocal ensemble and pre-school children’s singing and games groups.

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